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What is the correct lighting distance to use when shooting video?


My question is what is the correct distance for light between subject and light source?

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What is the correct lighting distance to use when shooting video?


There are many variables to consider when setting up your lights for a video shoot.

Placement of the lights - use a 3 point lighting technique. See video lighting tips. One light angled on each side of the subject as well as a back light.

Direct or indirect lighting - The use of reflectors and diffusers

What is the lux level of the scene you are shooting? Are you trying to create a certain mood with your lighting?

Are there external sources of lights that are affecting the subject? Windows or lamps can distort the lighting of the scene. You may have to put a shade on a window or shut off a lamp.

The types of lights: Flood lights - to light up the entire scene Spot lights - focused on the subject

Soft box lights to eliminate shadows.

The most important aspect of where to place your lights relative to the subject will be a balance between what illuminates the subject well Vs the presence of harsh shadows. If there are shadows present, use a diffuser or reflector. Sometimes shadows are present because you did not use the 3 light system mentioned above. If the shadows on a subjects face are too harsh, move the lights back.

There's no magic distance to place your lights. It's all a function of the lighting setup, types of lights used and distance. Play with the setup until you find the balance between good illumination and harshness/ shadows.

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