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What's best for longer videos?

by Kate
(North Dakota)

Hello -

My church would like to put videos of the service on their website - so the video would be about one hour long. Would prefer people to just be able to watch it on the screen and not have to wait forever to have it download. Just wondering what the best way to do this?

Also is it possible to put the service live online?

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What's best for longer videos?

Hi Kate,

An hour is a very long time for an online video, and will put as lot of strain on your and your viewers resources.

I normally recommend that online video does not exceed 5 minutes, to prevent long download times, 'pausing' or 'buffering' online video and losing the viewers attention.

Watching the video online and downloading the video file is the same thing really, as 99% of online video, including YouTube for example, uses a system called 'progressive download' for displaying their videos.

When you watch a video online, you are in fact just downloading the video file, and watching it at the same time.

This isn't normally a problem with short videos, but a long video means a big video file size, and the longer it will take to download. Viewers who do not have fast Internet access will experience a lot of 'pausing' or 'buffering' as the video player waits for the video download to catch up.

The file size of your video is therefore very important, and a one hour video of any decent watchable quality is going to be HUGE.

Creating a live broadcast of the service for people to watch may be a better option. There are several options available online, but my personal two favourites are http://www.ustream.tv and http://www.justin.tv

If you do decide to add a video of your service to your website, then I recommend using SBITUBE. You can get a free 30 day trial at SBITUBE encodes your video and provides you with the HTML embed code and a free video player.

With SBITUBE, you can add professional looking video to your website in minutes.

Hope that helps?

Mr Video :-)

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