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Where is the tutorial re adding video to SBI website

by Susan
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Pete

I'm an SBI member.

It's been so long since I put video-making on hold that I have to re-introduce myself to everything. So I'm reading through the 23 pages of the SBI forum dedicated to your tutorial. It's a great overview, and I'm very encouraged by all the people who have responded to you with thank-you's. If they can do it, then so can I. :-))

But where the heck is the tutorial itself?? Is it not there anymore? Should I simply download the free trial of SBITube from SBI resources HQ?? Will that have the tutorial??

Thanks in advance for your reply to another dumb question.


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Where is the tutorial re adding video to SBI website

Hi Susan,

Congratulations on getting started with adding video to your website.

The actual tutorial is on the first part of the post at the SBI! Forum or you can find the same tutorial here on this site at Add video to your website or just click on the 'add video to site' link on the left.

That will show you how to 'do it yourself', but if you just want to get started and add video to your website in minutes, then that is where SBITUBE comes in ;-)

It basically does everything for you. There is nothing to download with SBITUBE, as it all works online. You simply upload your video to SBITUBE using our simple 'Uploader' tool, and SBITUBE converts your video to FLV, hosts the video on their servers, and provides you with the HTML embed code to add to your website.

You can have video on your website within minutes!

And the best part is SBITUBE has a free 30 day trial to see if you like it with no commitment or credit card details. Totally free for 30 days to try out.

Go to www.sbitube.com if you like the sound of that.


Pete AKA Mr Video

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